Architectural Elements For The Home

For over 30 years, Cheney Metals has worked with architects, contractors, and homeowners building staircases and railings, deck railings,fireplaces, fire pits, fountains and home decor. They are comfortable creating architectural elements that have a wide range of residential styles and site requirements.

They ensure comprehensive support to all aspects of your project from design through installation. 

Interior and Exterior

Gates and Railings

Cheney Metals fabricate residential interior and exterior railings. As general contractors, they insure all work meets  local building codes.

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Interior Staircase Railing

Exterior Copper and Steel Gate

Cheney Metals designed and built the panels and sliding mechanism for the gate. The panels are copper and represent chasing and repousse techniques. The sliding was built using steel.

Interior and Exterior

Fountains and Firepits


Fireplaces, Firepits and Fountains

Bronze support structure for ceramic firepit

Supporting basket is forged bronze.Dragon motif created using applique, fold forming, and traditionally forging techniques.

Table Top Forged Bronze Fountain

Bronze fountain with cast bronze snail detail

Steel and Copper Fireplace

Forged and fabricated fireplace in steel and copper. Design inspired by Oriental bell.

Interior and Exterior

Furniture and Home Decor

In addition to their large scale projects, Cheney Metals has a portfolio of furniture and home decor elements. Some have been commissioned by homeowners and designers while others are original art and craft by Cheney Metals.

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Corten Steel and Bronze Vase

Large Corten steel shown in Filoli's garden.

Table with Steel Base

Redwood table top with steel base painted black