Featured Commercial Projects

Cheney metals understands that business clients have focused markets with unique display and customer service requirements.  They are flexible in engineering solutions that meet their client’s functional needs as well as match their branding and design esthetics.

Corporate Office, Santa Cruz CA


For this popular young fitness company, the project included signage fabrication and adaption of 'Rogue' competition barbells into barn door style door handles for their executive offices

Steel Barbell Door Handles

Crossfit had Cheney Metals create door handles based on the "Rogue' barbell.
Steel  Door Handles

Closeup of Barbell Handle

Closeup of Barbell Door Handles on fir doors at Crossfit executive offices

Inside Door Handles

View of inside barbell door handles.

Retail Display Structures, Multiple Locations, CA

Specialized Bikes

Specialized Bikes has their own standard merchandizing and retailing systems. Cheney Metals works with their retail designer to adapt the fixtures in these systems to the individual display needs and physical constraints at each retail location.

Display with Overhead Storage

Cheney Metals designed and fabricated a custom display unit for helmets and overhead storage.

Closeup of Custom Rail System

The Rail system provides access to overhead storage around the display.

Bicycle Display

Fabricated the steel support system for the bicycle display

Santa Cruz CA

Suda Restaurant

A contemporary Santa Cruz restaurant featuring local farm produce and fish, Suda required a structural arbor for their outdoor “Parasoleil” shade canopy.  We constructed and installed a Corten steel arbor; in addition Cheney Metals fabricated Corten brackets for installation of wood seating benches.

Entrance to Suda

Suda Restaurant

Fabricated the iron screen awning for the front entrance of restaurant

Detail of Beam Support.

The steel was intentionally unfinished to acquire a natural weathered rust patina.

Steel Support for Wood Benches

Cheney Metals fabricated Corten brackets for installation of wood seating benches

Palo Alto CA

Keen Garage

Keen company has a distinctive repurposed materials theme to their retail displays.  Cheney Metals worked with their industrial design signature to create moveable shoe display carts out of old coil springs, casters, and fire extinguishers. They also repurposed I-beams into cash wraps for their POS counters, and transformed VW “Bug” hoods into the most fun ever light fixtures.

Overview of Store Interior

Cheney Metals fabricated the custom displays using repurposed materials chosen by the designer.
Display Rack

Shoe Rack

 The springs originally using as quarry shapers were recycled and repurposed to serve as display racks for shoes.

VW Hoods for Industrial Decor

Recyled Hoods of VW Bugs are playfully installed as ceiling decor. Cheney Metals fabricated the support system for the hood decor.

Santa Cruz CA

Modified Truck Bed

Cheney metals handles heavy duty industrial challenges. For a Seattle rockwork contractor we customized the bed of a 5 ton truck to allow three direction hydraulic tipping and in addition mounted a knuckle boom crane.

Truck Bed

Truck Bed with custom hydraulics