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Liturgical Metalwork

Liturgical metalwork is a rare specialty of Cheney Metals.  Working in sensitive environments we have created altar and sacristy accessories, baptismal fonts, candle holders, pulpit adornments, tabernacles, vessels for holy waters and oils, and various decor and adornments for churches, cathedrals, parishes, basilicas and other houses of worship.

Our work and installations are conducted with the utmost respect for the commissioning agencies, their representatives, and their belief systems.

Monterey CA

San Carlos Cathedral

Built in 1794 , this cathedral is the oldest continuously parish in California. Cheney Metals was commissioned to fabricate a few architectural details which included a Reredos screen, book holder for the altar’s pulpit, candle holders, and a holy water font. 

Spreckels CA

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Joseph’s Catholic Church located in Spreckles, California is a few miles south of Salinas. The metalwork was designed with a grapevine motif. The fabricated articles include the bronze and steel armature for the baptismal font and the large arbor for the back of the altar.